Following please find some deals that show the different fields of work of Latinvest

* Proyect "My housing in Paracas"
Structuring and financing of housing project of more than 1000 homes in Paracas, Ica.

* The Quinta Heren Project
Financing for the development and re - launching of the Quinta Heren Project.

* "Parque Almendariz" Real Estate Project
Partial financing of "Parque Almendariz" Real Estate Project.

* "Mara" Real Estate Project
Partial financing of "Mara" Real Estate Project

torre javier prado

* Javier Prado Project
Hired by a group of foreign investors to search for and purchase a piece of land under certain definite considerations in order to then develop one of Peras most ambitious corporate real estate projects (valued in US$100MM).

torre javier prado

* Santa Cruz Project
Acquired for a group of investors and analyzed different project alternatives for a 2,000 m2 piece of land in a AAA location.

* Purchase of Ripley Stores first and main store
Assisted tue buyer in identification of the best location to start their retail operations in the country (today is one of the largest retailers), which led to the development over a 3,000 m2 terrain.

* Assisted Citibank Peru in several real estate transactions and valuations

* Assisted different foreign groups regarding their local corporate structures and the most efficient way to invest locally according to their needs.

* Evaluated different local gold mining projects for foreign investors.

* Valuation and subsequent sale of important industrial / commercial company (valued in US$ 40MM), achieving a transaction 20% higher than expected by the client.

* Assisted Spanish hotel chain Nh in searching for different local opportunities.

* Assisted foreign group in valuation and bidding process of Hoteles Las Américas.

* Market research and complete project evaluation for the introduction of Argentine ice cream factory Freddo in the Peruvian market.

* Financial and operative re structuring of industrial bakery (Panicorp), as well as subsequent sale of a majority stake.

* Assisted medium size Companies in evaluating and finding short and medium size financing that may allow them to grow without contemplating a change in their stock ownership.