Under the ever changing business world, today companies captured by the “day to day” in many occasions fail to identify in time different market and clientele, or in some occasions, even changes within their companies.

A well structured external consultancy helps companies evaluate critical factors of their business and the market in order to make timely key decisions that will keep the company in the right path of success.  Having such consultancy as external also allows the executives of the company not to distract from their daily endeavors.
Some of the areas that commonly require evaluation include:

* Rate of return analyzed under different segmented areas
* Evaluation of different potential ways of growth
* SWOT analysis
* Cash flow analysis and projections
* Valorization (either of specific areas or the company as a whole)
* Debt / Equity policies evaluation

In order to bring a thorough consultancy, which can also be specialized depending on the needs, Latinvest has a different strategic alliances with key companies (please refer to “Strategic Alliances”)

Mergers and Acquisitions


Aware of the importance that the Company represents for each shareholder, either assisting the buy side or sell side, we aim not only to maximize the return of the operation, but also to consider exogenous factors which are commonly of interest to the shareholders and the company’s executives.
Some critical factors to evaluate in an M&A process include:
* Process strategy
* Company valuation (under different methods)
* Synergies and benefits evaluation among companies
* Evaluation of a company (stocks) sale/purchase vs. assets sale/purchase
* Structuring of the operation
* Preparation of sale / purchase material

Financial Structuring

Deciding the most efficient way to optimize the company’s value and its debt/equity ratio is critical for a healthy development, which is why not only a possible debt increase should be analyzed, but also other factors and possibilities, such as:

* Valuation and Internal Rate of Return of the Company by divisions in order to evaluate possible spin offs.
* Analysis of critical financial ratios
* Feasibility of the Company to grow via IPO
* Debt evaluation, coverage and re structuring

Debt Issuing

Decidir no solo el nivel sino el tipo de deuda a emitir es crucial en el ordenado desarrollo de cada Empresa. Latinvest evalúa no solo el tipo de deuda adecuada, sino que gracias a sus relaciones con el mercado de capitales, puede establecer los contactos requeridos según la decisión tomada. Algunos de los tipos de deuda a evaluar incluyen:
* Letras, pagarés u otros papeles comerciales de corto plazo
* Securitizaciones y/o titulizaciones
* Bonos

Evaluation of Corporate Structure and Organizational Chart

Many times, the Company growth goes against an ordered development of one of its most important assets: human resources.
An inefficient organizational chart  may arise also as a result of other factors, such as generational changes in the shareholders, creation or elimination of company departments or even lack of communication regarding specific duties.
A correct evaluation of such circumstances and factors, and taking the correct actions, allows the Company to work in a more productive way.

Project Evaluation

proyectos inmobiliarios

A complete analysis of specific projects is performed based on the areas needed.  When needed, Latinvest will work with some of the Companies which we have alliances with or with specialized consultants, depending on the field.

As such, Latinvest can bring consultancy not only to the Companies in regards to their business, but also in regards to other business opportunities in order to make well informed and productive decisions.

Structuring, Development, and Real Estate Management

A specific team is in charge of the evaluation and development of real estate projects of different kind.  Some of the most common fields that we work on include:
* Municipality Parameters evaluation
* Architectural layout evaluation
* Financial cash flow evaluation
* Project Management
* Search and selection of  real estate operators (for example, retailers and hotel managers)
* Search, selection and contract negotiation of tenants